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Gallery Show

For many years Handmade House has offered Saskatchewan artists the opportunity to show case their work in our gallery.

The exhibit changes every 2 months. Drop by and have a look!

All works in the gallery are for sale at our

Broadway store, as well as a selection online.

Current Exhibit:

In Summer's Shadow

(a quartet of dreams)

Jim Gerlinsky


In a rather rustic studio, named after the chokecherry bushes surrounding it, Jim uses his intimate knowledge of fire, hammer, and anvil to create works described as "Neo-Postmodern Eclectic" and "Profoundly Prairie".

Saskatchewan born and raised, Jim is a designer and maker who has never let his imagination be limited by the prairie horizon. As a full time artist, Jim has honed his skills with decades of practice - creating timeless works of quality, durability and skilled craftsmanship.


Jim's table, Ponto, won the Excellence in Metal award in Dimensions 2017.

Jim GerlinskyWilkie, Saskatchewan

Facebook: chokecherryforge
Twitter: JGerlinsky
Instagram: chokecherryforge

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