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Gallery Show

For many years Handmade House has offered Saskatchewan artists the opportunity to show case their work in our gallery.

The exhibit changes every 2 months. Drop by and have a look!

All works in the gallery are for sale at our

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Current Exhibit:

Monumental Moments

Bonnie Gilmour



Bonnie Gilmour’s ceramic sketches live alongside her rural environment.  They don’t assume exactness. Instead, her clay-etched sketches convey the lived environment of Meacham, Saskatchewan, where she lives. 

She revisits the same grain bins and denominational churches over and over, like they are characters in the mood-scape of the town’s history.  An old grain elevator stood just across the road from her studio, and she watched it being demolished this summer. 

A functional potter as well, Gilmour’s work reminds us that the theoretical nature of clay, whether shaped conceptually or functionally, is to make the local permanent. Firing the material to last forever, so that someday it becomes part of the ruins of history… a place, a reality, a metaphor, a myth, and story. 




Bonnie Gilmour’s home and studio is in Meacham, Saskatchewan where she carries on her life as a professional artist. 

Her hands have been in the clay for more than 20 years, and she continues to educate, instruct, manage and organize ceramic activities for professional artists and hobbyists. 

Bonnie’s ceramic work and other artistic work and collaborations, have taken her from one coast of Canada to the other, and as far abroad as Mexico, France and Chile.


She has exhibited extensively through the years, and continues to do so with solo and group shows. 


Bonnie’s artwork is exhibited and collected internationally.