The Handmade House

Gallery Show

For many years Handmade House has offered Saskatchewan artists the opportunity to show case their work in our gallery.

The exhibit changes every 2 months. Drop by and have a look!

All works in the gallery are for sale at our

Broadway store, as well as a selection online.

Current Exhibit:


Bobbi Clackson-Walker


Bobbi is a mixed media artist and art educator based in Saskatoon. Her 16-year practice focuses on using elements of printmaking, fibre, collage and encaustic wax, to create works that are informed by a deep appreciation of natural history. Her current work explores MgSO4 magnesium sulfate (salt) crystals which are dissolved and grown on a two-dimensional plane and then captured using a chemical process to create a monotype print.

“Each salt crystal monoprint reveals the complex and remarkable inner structure of the crystal formation. The abstracted patterning of the monoprints are reminiscent of something that the human eye may already know, but searches to find a context for. I have found this a fascinating premise to artistically explore.”

Bobbi is a member of the Alberta Craft Council, CARFAC Saskatchewan, the International Association of Assemblage and Collage Artists, and patron of the Saskatchewan Craft Council.

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