The Handmade House

Gallery Show

For many years Handmade House has offered Saskatchewan artists the opportunity to show case their work in our gallery.

The exhibit changes every 2 months. Drop by and have a look!

All works in the gallery are for sale at our

Broadway store, as well as a selection online.

Current Exhibit:

'For the Love of Paper’

By Anne McElroy


I have worked creatively with my hands in so many media for the longest time, primarily as a painter, collage artist, book-maker and writer, mentor and art instructor. I have always loved the nature of paper and how it complements the individual qualities of mixed media. I appreciate handmade paper in particular because it has a visible history of someone’s touch in its making. For me it is simply exquisite in itself and still a surface to which I can add my own mark.

Anne McElroy

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