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For many years Handmade House has offered Saskatchewan artists the opportunity to show case their work in our gallery.

The exhibit changes every 2 months. Drop by and have a look!

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Current Exhibit:


Three Perspectives on Faces

Michael J Martin, Jeff Whiting, Judi Whiting



What do a portrait artist and two ceramists have in common? Turns out they all like to be creative, have a challenge, try new ideas and most of all, they are intrigued by the human face! A face tells a story. This common ground was the start of Visages an exhibition which illustrates three perspectives of six different faces. It is a mixed media show, primarily using either acrylics or clay, but with a few surprise twists.


This project was conceived in fall, 2020 and we started with about 15 faces. Through lively discussion and friendly persuasion, we evolved to only six! We each worked from a common image and as you will see, our approaches are unique, but each trio of faces shares some commonalities.


What I have seen … The inspiration for this face comes from a photograph found online. This face has lived, there is a story behind all the nuances, probably some hard times, but we thought probably some good as well. The face provoked us to imagine a life none of us have lived.


You Gotta Laugh Sometimes … this face was chosen by Jeff. Jeff saw the humour, the possibilities to get creative and pulled the other two artists along into the journey. If you know Jeff, you will understand his choice!


Facing Difficult Times … We might not have known this face had it not been for COVID. She is strong and determined. We respect the knowledge and leadership this face represents. It has not been easy.


Chelsea … face of youth … this face was chosen by Michael. The face captures the moment you make eye contact and wonder what her thoughts are. There are many unique aspects in this face which we portrayed with both realism and in the abstract.


Special Relationships … this face was chosen by Judi. What is intriguing about this face is the combination of facets: serenity, thoughtfulness, curiosity and caring. Much has been accomplished in a lifetime.


Go Nellie … well what can you say … the face of a woman’s rights activist yet she looks calm and thoughtful despite all the battles and all the achievements! She was determined. There is a hint of humour behind that smile.


Michael J. Martin

Michael Martin, a professional artist since 1977, has sold his varied works including cityscapes, landscapes, portraits and landmark studies across North America. Michael’s architectural beginnings have inspired the most intriguing work in reflections from Canada’s modernistic buildings as well as historical structures with unique vantages. The works displayed showcase Michael’s interpretation of the classic portrait.

Jeff Whiting

Initially Jeff’s main artistic outlet was photography, he came to ceramics later in life. In his teens he was a photographer taking portraits and developing the results in his basement darkroom. At university, he was a sports photographer and was always looking for an unusual face in either sports or campus activities.  As Judi learned ceramics so did Jeff - by osmosis, always an  interested observer.  In 2011, his photography course at art school on Vancouver Island was cancelled so he took sculptural pottery and printmaking.  And the quirky sculptor emerged.

Judi Whiting

Ceramics has been part of Judi’s lifelong learning project.  Over the past 20 years through community classes; workshops; reading and of course online, she has started to learn the craft. The journey continues. She took drawing and painting classes with Michael for 15+ years so she could draw on her pots! The displayed works illustrate not only her interest in faces, but also a variety of clay techniques – with thanks to all teachers and mentors.